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Competition format
up to 5 attempt
Size of arena 
Box size: 120 x 240 cm
Section size: height - 15 cm, length - 30 cm, width - 30 cm.
Robots sizes
Lego, Free construction (size 25x25x25 cm, mass up to 1 kg) 


Many mazes have a different size and type, but the aim for all robots is the same in any maze, to find the exit or go from start to finish. The robots used in this competition looks like a small mouse, so sometimes they are called micro mouse.

The construction of maze can consist of sectors with walls or printed on paper, when the robot follows the black lines, which imitating the wall. To get through the maze and succesfully identify wall or line, robots most often use different combinations of distance, contact or light sensors. Robot size should be compact as possible as its can, to don't get stuck of some maze turn or in a dead end.

Many techniques exist to help make solving these mazes easier. Some robots can follow either left or right wall from the start to the end. Others finds all solutions to the maze. Takes multiple routes and calculates the shortest one.