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Competition format
3 rounds groups stage
Robots sizes
Lego, Free construction (size 15x20 cm, mass up to 1 kg)


This competition where multiple robots race against each other on a track with many obstacles. It’s a fun competition with lots of speed and chaos. Racing robots must complete as many laps in given direction as possible to win.

To easily identify walls and other robots, cars use remote and contact sensors, which are located around the perimeter of the robot. For the robot on the track move evenly, the sensors should follow of the distance from both sides of the robot, and at the right moment give signal to robot make a right turn. The touch sensor complements the robot's navigation system in case it hits a wall or another car. The gyro sensor helps robots determine the correct direction of travel.

Robot-racers construction design depends of track difficulty. To overcome obstacles fastest cars use steering system and differencial gear. Robot-cars with caterpillar easily overcome hills, bridges and moats.