About competitions!

Robotic competitions is combining the excitement of sport with the applied science and technology. Robot construction enthusiasts can show their skills and noteworthy robots in the nine following disciplines:

Mini Sumo, Lego Sumo, iRobot sumoLine Follower, Lego Linefollower, Folkrace, Lego Folkrace, Labyrinth and Lego Labyrinth.

Participating in robotic tournament is a great opportunity to prove yourself and get new experience!

Tournament regulations

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Just like the traditional Japanese sport, the robots try to push or flip each other out of a circular ring.

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The task for line following robots is to drive through the track marked with a black line as fast as possible.

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The mission is to negotiate a labyrinth from start corner to finish corner in the shortest possible time.

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The aim of the competition is to simulate the immersive nature of the rallycross.

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